Writer Is Immortal !! ❤

Writer Is Immortal !! ❤

               ❤         ❤         ❤       ❤      

Human Being ( Normal ) : 

                Our Soul is Bared In this 

                World When We Die & May 

               or May Not Attain Immortality !!

Human Being ( Writer )  :

                 Our Soul is Always Bared 

                 In this World and Attain    

                 Immortality Forever !! 

(c) Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017.                  Sunil@BeingHuman

    ❤  !! Respect for all the writers !! ❤

Writer’s are the only Living Being on this Planet Earth whose Soul is always Bared and Real to the World, no Hide and Seek is Played by them and their Soul is always and forever Immortal, no need to Die to attain it.                                                Whereas Normal Person Always play Hide and Seek with the world and There is always uncertainty that their soul will attain immortality or not.

    ! Be Real ! Be Unique ! Be Immortal !

Quote : Time!! 

Quote : Time!! 

​!! आज तेरा है, 

कल मेरा होगा,

फिर किसी और का,

                      यह वक्त ही तो है,

                      जो किसी की भी 

                         जागीर नहीं  !!

English Translation : Angrezi 😜

Today is yours, 

Tomorrow will be mine, 

Then will be of someone else, 

This is Time, 

It Always Changes, 

No one Can Own it  !!

(c)  Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017

Drug Abuse : Stop! Stop! Stop! 

Drug Abuse : Stop! Stop! Stop! 

International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking ( 26th June 2017 ) !!

The following poem or Lines i Have Imagined as A Drug Addict who is at his last stage of Life Requesting People Not to Do What He Did and Also what I observed in Society !! 

Sitting Alone in the Corner of Life,

The End Was Near, Body Shattered,

What i have done! Hope you won’t, 

Hiding From My Family, Dark Room!

People Believed me But i Betrayed,

Supported me to do wonders in Life,

I did a great Wonder to be Drug Addict,

I was thief at mine own Home, You won’t! 

For the Pleasure Of Few Hours, Fool i was! 

I Forget The Pain of Nine Months, you won’t!

Always lived in Fear, Distorted Perception,

Thoughts of Deceptions, No memories of

My Only Life, Heart beats fast, No Blood, 

Emotionally Defeated, No loved ones! 

This is what i Did, Wasted my Only Life In 

Drug Abuse, Hope you won’t !! 

 (c) Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017

Drug Abuse or Drug Addiction is increasing Day by day. Most of the Young Population of the country and all over the world has been in trap of this Drug Abuse. It is an hour of need that we people took some steps to stop all this, so that future generations of the Nation stay healthy.We have to aware people about the missuse and side effects of Drugs. Parents must have to take strong stands and actions to protect their children from this trap. From Smoking to Tobbaco and Many more all need to be banned. Youth should utilise their Energy in other fruitfull activities rather this Drug and all. You Have only one life and please don’t waste it in these Activities, they are harmfull not Pleasureable !! 
Come and Join Hands Spreading The message Stop Drug Abuse!! Kindly Spread the message in your own way !!

A Short Message : SaveGirlChild !! 

A Short Message : SaveGirlChild !! 

save girl
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आज भी जब बच्चा पैदा होता है,

तो सबसे पहले माँ बोलता है,                                                                                                                  बस दुख इस बात का है कि,                                                                                                                    उस माँ को आजकल लोग                                                                                                             पैदा नहीं होने दे  रहे   !!

Someone has Rightly said showing the cruel real image of the society that in today’s world People are Like “Beti Pedha toh Zarur hoh Lekin Apne ghar nai Dusre ke Ghar” (Girl Child Should Be Born but Not at our own Home, in others home ). Killing A girl child in the womb is the Heinous crime done by the mankind.It is an hour Of Need, that we Stop these crimes against a Girl. She is also Human, have right to live just like He, as simple as that. 

We Kill her, Disrespect her and what not!! Why we Forget That the one who has Given Us Birth and have shown us this World, She is also A Women and The one who is giving Birth to girl child but kill her why you forget that You are also a Women. If we know this then why we Ignore & why we Kill her? 😷✋☝

Sirf  Vansh Aage Badhane Ke Liye Ladki ko Marna, Taaki Ladka Pedha Ho sake.Toh yeh Batao Jabh Ladki hi nai Rahi toh Ladka kese Pedha Hoga?? Ladki pedha hone doh Ore Yeh Sansaar Aaage Badhne Doh.  ( Just to have Descendant or Successor For the family you Killed Girl Child, But Just tell me one thing if there would not be A Girl, then who will give Birth to so called Boy The Successor?? So, Let The Girl Child Be Born So That This Mankind doesn’t get Extinct.

                            Please Stop Killing A Girl Child. Save the #Womb of She.

Save Girl, Save Life !!

Note 😊  All those who are reading this share the message in your own way !! 

(C) Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017


Award : Mystery Blogger !!

Award : Mystery Blogger !!

well I have been Nominated By few Awards So far, but with lack of time i am not able to post all of them. This was just a shorter one, so i decided to post it, being mine first award and i will soon post the other one too. So, Here comes mine first Award post.


I was nominated for this award by the lovely and so supporting Blogger Hati03nisa, https://hati03nisa.wordpress.com/author/hati03nisa/    thanks so much for the nomination, and Buddies go check out her blog if you haven’t already!!

What is the Mystery Blogger Award?

“Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion. – Okoto Enigma is the Creator of this Award.

Rules of Award :

1.Display the Award logo on your blog
2.list the rules
3.thank the Blogger who nominated you and provide a link to the nominator’s blog
4.mention the creator of the Award and provide link as well
5.tell your Readers 3 things about yourself
6.answer 5 questions from nominator
7.nominate 10-20 Bloggers

Three Things About ME :

  1. Mine Blood Group Is B +ve !!                                                                                                     
  2. I Like Helping Others, Saying No is not in mine Dictionary !!
  3. Red is mine Favourite Colour !!

QUESTIONS FROM https://hati03nisa.wordpress.com/author/hati03nisa/

Thank You For Nominating Me Hati, Here are Your Answers from me !!

  1. If you could Change something in your life, what would it be?                                 Ans. Overthinking, I Sometimes thinks a lot Which Just spoil mine Peace.But, now i have improved and Think only when it is necessary.

2. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?                                                                    Ans. Well If I Could Have Super Power It will be of Humanity, Will just Spread It all over the world, Want to See this World As one Where People Just Live their Life For the purpose they are born, Peace and Happiness !!
3. In which way ‘WordPress changed your life?                                                                           Ans. Well WP have Changed Me a lot. From Thinker to Writer, it is a platform where you just express yourself Freely, being what you are in Real. I can Express myself here and it help me to improve as a Writer and see this world with mine imagination.
4. What is your Profession?                                                                                                                    Ans. I am Still a Learner, Pursuing Higher Studies !!
5. Book or movie? Why?                                                                                                                         Ans. I will Choose Books Over Movies, Books are Your Part of Life, they are just like your close friends who guides you, motivates you and also good to spend your time with.One of my Favourite is   ” YOU CAN WIN ” by Shiv Khera , How and What you should have to win your Goals in Life, This Books Guides and Motivates you a a lot. !! Quote from This Book, ” Winners Don’t Do Different Things, They Do Things Differently”  and one more ” Failure is not When you wont Achieve Your Goals, It is When You wont  Have Any Goal to Achieve”

I Nominate Further Bloggers, they are :

  1. https://sakshibhojane04.wordpress.com/                    Sakshi Bojane
  2. https://thetensionandthespark.wordpress.com/              Jade Hall
  3. https://imaginateweb.wordpress.com/                        Sparsha Mishra
  4. https://kamakshiverma.wordpress.com/                     Kamakshi Verma
  5. http://gbolaboadetunji.blog/                                       Gbolabo Adetunji
  6. https://vinishablog.wordpress.com/                        Vinisha
  7. https://claudiafgomez.com/2017/06/14/i-need-a-break/    Claudia Gomez 
  8. https://theimpulsiveowl.wordpress.com/            Akhil Kumar
  9. https://akansha1602.wordpress.com/                  Akansha1602
  10. https://muzikophile.wordpress.com/                    Barkha Bale


  1. What Book You will Suggest me to Read and why ?
  2. What You will Choose in Life if Given A Choice between Religion and Humanity ? why?
  3. If You Given A Super Power, what you will Change?
  4. Any Regret From Your Life You Have Till Now, if any why?
  5. We Know that Crime Against women is increasing day by day, so instead of blaming Authorities or any other individual, What You will do if you ask to Stop Crime Against Women, what will be your suggestions or steps ? Any five !!  

I hope You all will Accept The Nominations, you are free to to post whenever you want to. Thank you once again  Hati For Nominating  me !!

keep writing, keep motivating, Stay Blessed !!



Quote : Parents ❤

Quote : Parents ❤

Only Place On This Planet Earth, 

Where I Bow Down Mine Head, 

Where I Attain Peace and Get Blessed, 

Is Feet Of Mine Parents, The Soul of God !! ❤

(c) Sunil Singh Choudhary 

Quote : माँ! Mom! Mother! 

Quote : माँ! Mom! Mother! 

                   !! Mother Is GOD !! 

मैं जी इस लिए नहीं रहा कि मेरी साँसे चल रही हैं,
मैं जी इस लिए रहा हूँ कयोंकि मेरी माँ की दुआएं मेरे साथ है, ☝

साँसे तो अंत में साथ छोड़ देतीं हैं,

माँ की दुआएं तो अंत मे भी साथ जातीं हैं…!!

(C) Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017

English Version !! 😊👇

I am Not Living Because I am Breathing,

I am living Because I have Blessings of mine Mother with Me,

This Breath Will leave Me at the End, 

But Mother’s Blessings will Stays with Me Even After the End !!

Quote : Aspirations !! 

I Have Lots Of Aspirations In My Heart,       Hope! Each & Every Aspiration Gets Fullfilled, Before I took Mine Last Breath,     this is what I had wish and Pray To God !! 

Dhyaan Deh : Jo baat ore jazbaat Hindi mein heh wo Angrezi mein khhan !! 😜 😊

Achievement !! ❤❤

Achievement !! ❤❤

Hello My Dear Friends, This is an achievement i got recently also two liebster award posts are pending will post soon, but this one is special so, i thought to share with all of you great people. For me it’s a sense of encouragement and compliment to have all of you as my Friends. Thank you so much Dil se for following me and reading my posts. Many more are on the list to post, so many topics and thoughts are there to share,its just because of lack of time I Am not able to. But, Keep supporting and guiding me buddies, I Am New to this writing world and need all of you to guide me and motivate me to write more and more. I have got two Liebster Award nominations too, will soon post them. I like reading all of your lovely blogs, you all are great bloggers, learning and motivating experience i have till now with you all. Thank you so much, GodBless you all always..Keep writing and Keep supporting!!  
Your Valuable suggestions and corrections to mine posts are most welcome.Comment and like mine posts if you really like them!!

Your Friend Sunil 

Poem : Love My Father !!

Poem : Love My Father !!


मेरे दिल ने मुझसे आज 
बहुत कुछ कह दिया, 

कया माँगू तुझसे एे रब, 

बस शुक्रिया हे तुझ से कह दिया, 

तूने इस जहान का सबसे 

अच्छा पिता जो है मुझे दिया,

तुझे तो मेंने नहीं देखा है प्रभु !

तू भी इन जैसा ही दिखता होगा,

मेरे दिल ने है ये मान लिया,

खुश किस्मत हूँ जो मैंने इनका 

पुत्र बनने का सौभाग्य पाया, 

बहुत कम लोगों को है तूने इन जैसा बनाया,

जीवन में चलना, कठिनाइयों से लडना, 

हमेशा अागे बडना,अच्छा इंसान बनना 

सब कुछ है मैने इनसे पाया, 

अगर तूने मुझे इंसानी जीवन दोबारा दिया,

मेरे पिता को ही मेरा पिता बनाना,

बस यही है मेरे दिल ने तुझ से कह दिया !!

       Tried to translate in English 😊❤👍

My Heart Has Said lots of things to me, 

Oh! My Lord what should more I ask you, 

Just Thank you is what i want to say, 

As you have given me world’s bestest DaD, 

My Lord though I haven’t seen you, but

I know you too looks Same as My Father, 

My heart believes This, 

I am so Lucky that i Got a chance to be his Son, 

Very few people are made by you like him, 

To walk in Life, Fight the Adversities,

Always Go ahead in life, to Be a good human being,

I have Learned from him only, 

If you give me a rebirth As Human Being, 

Please My Lord Make Him again mine Father,

Mine Heart just ask you for this only !! 

                ❤❤Love you Dad!! ❤❤