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Soldier : Martyr : Brave Son Of The Nation #Respect 


🇮🇳Soldier 🇮🇳Martyr 🇮🇳NationBeforeSelf

Salute to the Brave Sons Of Motherland, Who sacrificed their life for the Nation.

We are Born, Live our Life for ourselves and will die one day, but very few can and have courage to Live for others and sacrifice their Life to beshield them, those few are known as Soldiers and called Martyrs for their selfless act of Sacrifice. 

They will always be Immortal in our hearts.Present and Generations to come will Acknowledge their supreme sacrifice for the motherland.They are true Legends and Real Hero’s who have choosen to protect the Freedom of the Nation till their last breath and came back getting wrapped in Tiranga.They Give their Present for our Future.So, We don’t have any right to Disrespect them.

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Great people are those who are Soldiers & Greater are those who make the Sacrifice for others to live Peacefully and Happily.
Respect is what we can offer and that will always be there.