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Keep up the Spirit to Keep Going in Life !

ज़िंदगी खेल रही है छुपन छुपाई का खेल 

हिम्मत तो हम में भी कम नहीं है साहब

एक ना एक दिन तो ठप्पा ज़रूर करेंगें !!

(c)  Sunil Singh Choudhary 2018


Life! Relations! Friends!

​Life! all about Ups and Downs, Success or Failures, Relationships Fake n Real and we Keep Fighting till the time we don’t loose our Faith. Then Come Moments when you are helpless, it’s difficult to Move on as you have suffered so much with betrayls, fake friendships And People who miss used your kindness, your trust and closed ones leave you, they think you are no use to them Now and Left Alone Doubting yourself and Pondering. But, Suddenly your Creator who is so Kind to you and knows you didn’t done anything wrong to anyone and deserve Better Life. Sends People in your life as New Friends to fill Your Life with Love, Trust, Happiness, Peace, Inspiration and give you new Hope to keep Going. Within Short Span of time these people becomes Very Precious to You. With your past experience you know they will too leave, But Somehow till that day they become your Family And this Family of Few Friends Always be there with you no matter What you are doing and where you are, they will be the one by your Side when Rest of the world doubts on You and Together you Conquer the Adversities of Life !!

!! Only Few Friends Remains with you Till the Time you turn Into Ash, Respect & Love these Few !!

(c) Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017

Life Lesson from Birds!! 

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The Birds Flying High 

Searching for Prey

To feed Little ones

Not caring for their Life 

Facing the Storm Courageously, 

Seeing Life of this Small Creature 

I got Inspired and Enlightened 

That I must be like these Birds 

Should Keep Going no matter what 

Fighting with all odds and worries 

To Conquer the Goals of Life

To make my Parents Proud one day !!

(c) Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017

Life a Book !!

​Life is a Book Written by Our Creator

Different Stages as Chapters From Birth to Death

Believe the Author of your Life Book Always and Keep Going

Add to it New chapters of Good Deeds by Hardwork 

Keep Reading No matter what Happens to it 

You never know which Unturned Unread Page Changes your Destiny

Make it Historical in this world of Mankind so that 

Generations to Come will Get Motivated and Learn from your Life Story

Be Immortal Forever In The Hearts of People !! 

(c) Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017


Faith To Keep Going !! 

आज दिल खुश क्या हुआ 

आँखों से आँसू वह गए 

अब क्या बताएँ यारों हम

अपनी मंज़िल के अोर करीब आ गए 

हिम्मत तो कभी कम ना थी बस हम

अपनो के जूठे साथ में कहीं खौ गए 

अब तो दिल से है उसे पाने की चाह 

बस दुआ है ईश्वर से जिंदगी के पल 

जो जीने है वो कहीं कम ना हो जाएँ !!

Today I am Happy and 

The tears of happiness roll down from my eyes

What should i tell you my dear friends, 

I am a Step Closer to Achieve mine Goal of life

Courage was never Less in me

It’s just i was Lost Somewhere

Now the will to Achieve Goal is more firm in my heart

I just Pray to almighty that the number of Days I have to live they won’t get less!! 

(c)  Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017


Heart !!

💕 दिल की बात, दिल में न रखें 
न जाने कब धडकना बंद कर दे 💕

What You Have in 

Your Heart To Say, Just Say It !! 
Don’t Keep It In Your 💝

You Never Know When HeartBeat Stops!! 


(c) Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017

Quote : Time!! 

​!! आज तेरा है, 

कल मेरा होगा,

फिर किसी और का,

                      यह वक्त ही तो है,

                      जो किसी की भी 

                         जागीर नहीं  !!

English Translation : Angrezi 😜

Today is yours, 

Tomorrow will be mine, 

Then will be of someone else, 

This is Time, 

It Always Changes, 

No one Can Own it  !!

(c)  Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017