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Life! Relations! Friends!

​Life! all about Ups and Downs, Success or Failures, Relationships Fake n Real and we Keep Fighting till the time we don’t loose our Faith. Then Come Moments when you are helpless, it’s difficult to Move on as you have suffered so much with betrayls, fake friendships And People who miss used your kindness, your trust and closed ones leave you, they think you are no use to them Now and Left Alone Doubting yourself and Pondering. But, Suddenly your Creator who is so Kind to you and knows you didn’t done anything wrong to anyone and deserve Better Life. Sends People in your life as New Friends to fill Your Life with Love, Trust, Happiness, Peace, Inspiration and give you new Hope to keep Going. Within Short Span of time these people becomes Very Precious to You. With your past experience you know they will too leave, But Somehow till that day they become your Family And this Family of Few Friends Always be there with you no matter What you are doing and where you are, they will be the one by your Side when Rest of the world doubts on You and Together you Conquer the Adversities of Life !!

!! Only Few Friends Remains with you Till the Time you turn Into Ash, Respect & Love these Few !!

(c) Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017


Letter From Soul !! 

​Dear ,

From your First Cry on the Day You Born i came into Existence Covered by the Body Gifted by God. In the Realms of Your Body I Somewhere lost in this world, People know you how you look But not the way what you Are. Your Presence in this World is Because of me and I am here For the purpose which you will Accomplished, to Connect me And send me back to my Creator, To make me immortal forever. For that be Pure always and follow The Path of Humanism created by Our Creator. Keep in mind always that today I am You and Tommorw Some one else. So, Utilise this only Opportunity you have to Print your Name in this So Called World of Mankind Forever and Be Unique enough to Explore and Utilise all the Talent which you have So, That this World Remembers you even After I Left you and know Me as you as Great Creature Ever created by Almighty !! 

Your Soul 

(c) Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017



Hello Everyone, I hope you all doing well in your life and enjoying reading mine Blogs. i am Glad to receive yet another award ” ONE LOVELY  BLOG AWARD”. The award has been given to me by one of the best writer on WP and she is Astha Jain a Budding Poet  https://buddingpoets.wordpress.com/    Thank you so much Astha Ji for nominating me and i am really sorry for being late. I request everyone to visit her Blog to experience one of the best use of words, i bet you all will enjoy reading and learn a lot from her.


I Live In the Northern Part Of India.

I am a Budding Writer. Mine Blood Group B +ve.

I am born on the Day when Mother Teresa took her Last breath.

I love to Help Others by any mean i can. Believe in GOD and Being Human I am.

I Like to Travel and Explore New Places.

I Like Bike Riding and Cooking.

I Trust on People Easily and I love To Make Friends. I am Learner and till mine last breath will be learner only.

I want To Nominate My Dear Followers !!

Hey Nominees Please do send me a link and comment here whenever you will be done with your this award post. Keep Writing Always Stay Blessed Everyone !!!

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Quote : माँ! Mom! Mother! 

                   !! Mother Is GOD !! 

मैं जी इस लिए नहीं रहा कि मेरी साँसे चल रही हैं,
मैं जी इस लिए रहा हूँ कयोंकि मेरी माँ की दुआएं मेरे साथ है, ☝

साँसे तो अंत में साथ छोड़ देतीं हैं,

माँ की दुआएं तो अंत मे भी साथ जातीं हैं…!!

(C) Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017

English Version !! 😊👇

I am Not Living Because I am Breathing,

I am living Because I have Blessings of mine Mother with Me,

This Breath Will leave Me at the End, 

But Mother’s Blessings will Stays with Me Even After the End !!