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Life is Unpredictable!! 

             ​// Life is Unpredictable //

You Don’t Know When You Get Clean 

Bowled in this Only Life You Have 

One time You are Cherishing Every 

moment and Then suddenly those 

moments turns into Sorrows and Tears, 

At this time you are Breathing and other 

time within seconds you Stop Breathing

So, Whatever way Life deals with you

You must not Back Down and Keep going 

no matter what, enjoy every moment and 

Learn from every Adversity you Face,

One Life we all Have So it should be Worth

And Drive your Life towards Hearts of 

People to Attain Immortality Forever !! 

(c) Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017

Drug Abuse : Stop! Stop! Stop! 

Drug Abuse : Stop! Stop! Stop! 

International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking ( 26th June 2017 ) !!

The following poem or Lines i Have Imagined as A Drug Addict who is at his last stage of Life Requesting People Not to Do What He Did and Also what I observed in Society !! 

Sitting Alone in the Corner of Life,

The End Was Near, Body Shattered,

What i have done! Hope you won’t, 

Hiding From My Family, Dark Room!

People Believed me But i Betrayed,

Supported me to do wonders in Life,

I did a great Wonder to be Drug Addict,

I was thief at mine own Home, You won’t! 

For the Pleasure Of Few Hours, Fool i was! 

I Forget The Pain of Nine Months, you won’t!

Always lived in Fear, Distorted Perception,

Thoughts of Deceptions, No memories of

My Only Life, Heart beats fast, No Blood, 

Emotionally Defeated, No loved ones! 

This is what i Did, Wasted my Only Life In 

Drug Abuse, Hope you won’t !! 

 (c) Sunil Singh Choudhary 2017

Drug Abuse or Drug Addiction is increasing Day by day. Most of the Young Population of the country and all over the world has been in trap of this Drug Abuse. It is an hour of need that we people took some steps to stop all this, so that future generations of the Nation stay healthy.We have to aware people about the missuse and side effects of Drugs. Parents must have to take strong stands and actions to protect their children from this trap. From Smoking to Tobbaco and Many more all need to be banned. Youth should utilise their Energy in other fruitfull activities rather this Drug and all. You Have only one life and please don’t waste it in these Activities, they are harmfull not Pleasureable !! 
Come and Join Hands Spreading The message Stop Drug Abuse!! Kindly Spread the message in your own way !!